Alia Bhatt Latest Victim Of Deepfake

New Delhi: Despite government warnings and widespread outrage over deepfake videos, yet another celebrity,  actor Alia Bhatt has become a  victim of the technology.


Earlier, deepfakes of several celebrities – including Rashmika Mandanna, Kajol, Katrina Kaif and Sara Tendulkar had surfaced on the internet, sparking concerns over the misuse of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The latest video shows a woman with the morphed face of Alia Bhatt making obscene gestures.

The videos have sparked massive worry about fake videos targeting public figures and the power of AI to create deepfakes that can mislead the world.

The Centre has said that the creation and circulation of deepfakes carry a strong penalty Rs 1 lakh in fine and three years in jail.

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar last week said that the Centre will soon appoint an officer to take appropriate action against such content. Chandrasekhar said that the existing laws and Rules have clear provisions to deal with Deepfake.

He said the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) will develop a website on which users can flag their concerns about IT rule violation. “Meity will assist users to notify it about violation of IT rules and assist them in filing a First Information Report or FIR,” the Union Minister said.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has flagged the misuse of AI for creating deepfake videos and called it a “big concern.”

“During the times of Artificial Intelligence, it is important that technology should be used responsibly,” he cautioned.

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