Odias Celebrate ‘Boita Bandana’ At Hauz Khas Jagannath Temple In Delhi

New Delhi: ‘Boita Bandana’ ceremony was celebrated at Jagannath temple in New Delhi’s Hauz Khas with enthusiasm and fanfare on the occasion of Kartika Purnima on Monday.

Hosted by the Temple’s Management Committee Sree Neelachal Seva Sangha, the festival was attended by hundreds of Odias and others from Delhi and National Capital region. This year’s Kartika Purnima celebration witnessed tremendous interest, enthusiasm and euphoria among the participants.

The festival venue at the fountain, located at the rear of the main temple and the entire complex of the shrine were elegantly decorated befitting to the grand occasion. Special puja was performed in front of the sibling deities. Then the priests performed the religious rituals in front of the decorated boat docked in the fountain’s pond.

The women devotees assembled at the site did the traditional aarti of the boat. With the chanting of the famous lines, “Aaa Kaa Maa Bai” the invited guests under the stewardship of Temple’s Secretary Ravindranath Pradhan initiated the commencement of auspicious boat sailing.

The whole atmosphere got reverberated with the sounds of ‘Haribol, Huluhuli,’ blowing of conch, recitals of bhajans and keertan and playing of musical instruments like ghanta, kartala, mardala, jhanja and mrudanga.

The sight of beautiful boat sailing majestically in the pond water around the fountain, commemorating the ancient maritime traditions of Odisha was mesmerising. The high festive spirit spoke volumes about the maritime golden history, rich tradition and vibrant cultural ethos of Odisha.

The special attraction of the event was scintillating Sambalpuri folk dance by famous Mayuri Troupe from Odisha. Ace anchor Swarnaprava Pati conducted the proceedings of the programme quite efficiently.

The devotees were offered delicious prasad specially prepared by the temple authorities. Dignitaries present included Dr Saroj Kumar Jena, Ranjita Jena, Raghab Dash and advocate Santosh Rout.

The organising team of Sree Neelachal Seva Sangha included Secretary Ravindranath Pradhan, Adviser Abani Sahu and members.

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