Attaching A Cycle Rack To Your Car Can Attract Rs 5000 Fine!

Bengaluru: Even as cycling is getting popular as a means of transportation or staying fit across the nation, Bengaluru Police recently fined a person for attaching cycles to his car’s rack.

Prasanth Sukum­aran, a resident of Electronics City, was reportedly fined Rs 5,000 for carrying two cycles on his car’s rack because just one is permitted, according to the police.

Carrying cycle on a rack attached to your car requires proper RTO permission, according to Bengaluru Police.

Mayor Sathya Sankaran, who is known for his affinity towards cycling, said while Sec 52(1) of Central Motor Vehicles Act 1988 does not specify temporary or permanent attachment, you can apply it, but in spirit the attachment is not an alteration.

ADGP Bhaskar Rao, an avid cyclist too, tweeted: Carrying cycles on the car does not attract any penalty or fines. It is only the rear and top overhang and protrusion on either side is considered an offence because it is lateral overhang and will pose danger to other road users.

Bengaluru Police said that cycle racks are acceptable only standard racks are used. However, police didn’t clarify what a ‘standard rack’ is.

A traffic inspector told Bengaluru Mirror that an RTO certificate is essential for any modification to vehicles. Altering a vehicle without RTO’s permission can lead to fines of up to Rs 5,000. He also cited an incident where a motorist got minor injuries on Hebbel flyover as a protruding cycle fixed to a car door was opened suddenly.

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