Bahuda Yatra: Know The Legends Behind Lord Jagannath’s Brief Halt At Mausi Maa Temple For ‘Poda Pitha’

Puri: Lord Jagannath on his Nandigosha embarked on homeward journey on Wednesday afternoon after his annual sojourn at Gundicha Temple here.

Along the way, he made a brief halt at Mausi Maa temple to feast on delicious Poda Pitha (baked pancake). The sweet dish was prepared under the supervision of Bishwanath Mishra, the chief servitor of the temple. It is made from milk, cheddar, wheat flour, jaggery, cloves, ghee, and cardamom.

Legend has it that a river called Malini was flowing between the Srimandir and the Gundicha Temple. As a result, six chariots were built. The sibling deities rode in three large chariots from the Jagannath temple to the Mausi Maa Temple, from where they were shifted to a boat and then taken to the Gundicha Temple in the other three chariots.

Due to the high water level in the river, the servitors faced problems while crossing it. The deities’ aunt understood the hardships of the servitors and was instrumental in drying up the river for the smooth conduct of the festival.

To express His gratitude, Lord Jagannath then promised to make a halt near her temple and accept Poda Pitha during Bahuda Yatra.

Devotees also enjoy the Lord’s halt at the temple for this ritual as the sweets, after being served to Jagannath, is distributed among them.

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