Beatboxing: Odisha Lad Makes New Music Form Popular

Bhubaneswar: Beatboxing is a relatively new form of music in Odisha. Thanks to the passion of youngsters like Archit Panda, a +2 Science student at SAI International School, it is gaining popularity and people have started enjoying it too.

The son of Cuttack-based medical practitioners Dr. Sanjay and Dr. Lipsa Panda, Archit had shown an inclination for beatboxing when he was only six years old.

Even though they knew the novelty of this form of music they encouraged him to pursue it. Watching the beatboxing of ‘Tom Thumb’ left Archit super inspired. When he was 16 years old, Archit started beatboxing more seriously.

Beatboxing involves the art of imitating drum machines, using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice and is a fairly new “accepted” art form in Odisha.

A self-taught artist, Archit loves to watch tutorials on YouTube and other social media platforms on how to beatbox and learning the art of doing it practically. He keeps following world trends in this field.

The youngster is exploring the rhythm of different instruments through beatboxing. Archit’s rhythm of percussion is really amazing. 

He has participated in many school level beatboxing championships and also aims to participate in the Indian Beatbox and Grand Beatbox championship in the future.

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