Believe It Or Not: Woman Eats A Bottle Of Baby Powder Every Day!

New Delhi: This is as bizarre as it gets.

It’s about a woman who is addicted to consuming baby powder.

Yes, strange but true.

Dreka Martin, a 27-year-old American woman from New Orleans, has confessed to eating Johnson’s baby powder every day.

She said she consumes a 623-gram bottle of Johnson’s Aloe & Vitamin E daily.

Claiming that she preferred it over “normal food”, Dreka revealed that she has spent a whopping $4,000 on the baby powder this year alone.

Johnson’s warns that their baby powder is meant for “use on the skin only” and not for eating. But Dreka insisted that she has not experienced any health or digestive issues due to her extremely strange habit, The Mirror reported.

“I love eating baby powder. It tastes exactly how it smells. It’s just something I do to cope. It just makes me feel good and makes me happy,” Dreka told The Mirror.

She initially tried to keep her addiction a secret, but her family got suspicious on noticing the rapid depletion of baby powder bottles.

Dreka said her loved ones have often expressed their concern, but she finds it difficult and challenging to kick the habit.

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