Bengali Sentiments Won’t Work For TMC In Assembly Polls: BJP State Chief

Kolkata: BJP state president and Midnapore MP Dilip Ghosh on Monday claimed that Bengali sentiments won’t work for the ruling Trinamool Congress in the upcoming Assembly election in West Bengal.

“Just when the Assembly election is round the corner, the TMC is trying to play the Bengali card to woo voters. Bengalis are not fools and are aware of the tyrannical rule of Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress government. TMC leaders are hurting people’s sentiment more by comparing Mamata with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Bengal used to always top the list, but it’s worst now in the eyes of the world. The Bengalis will only vote for BJP helping us to form the government,” stated Ghosh.

Asked about TMC’s new slogan ‘Duare Duare Sarkar’ (government at your doorstep), Ghosh said that everyone in Bengal and beyond is aware of the ‘misrule’ of the TMC government.

“The TMC government tries to camouflage things as an eyewash… But people are aware that this is a completely corrupt government. They don’t allow the Central government’s schemes to reach the poor and needy in the state. Be it housing scheme to urinals, the cut money reaches the leaders and the poor don’t get the facility. From the state government’s programme, the chief minister announces the party’s programme. For them the government and party is the same and this shows their corruption,” the BJP state president alleged.

Ghosh said he has sent a legal notice to TMC’s Diamond Harbour MP Abhishek Banerjee for his comment on the BJP state president.

“He calls me mafia and goonda, but everyone knows after becoming an MP for the first time he stays in a house worth Rs 7 crore… How did he create so much wealth in such a short time? He didn’t allow other parties to file nominations in the rural polls in constituencies under his Lok Sabha. Everyone knows the truth,” Ghosh slammed Abhishek.

The BJP leader also alleged that the TMC is trying to convert West Bengal into West Bangladesh.

“TMC doesn’t even allow the central government to fence the ‘no-man’s land’ near India and Bangladesh border just to bring in infiltrators. They have no right to call anyone outsiders. Due to the infiltrators, people of Bengal are suffering and leaving the state. On November 26, it was very clear that the TMC had indirectly supported the general strike called by the Left Front and the Congress. Even if all the other parties unite, they cannot stop the BJP from forming the government,” Ghosh thundered.

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