Bizarre But True: Sneakers With Soles Full Of Beer!

London: Sneakers and beer. Do they have a connection?

However bizarre it may sound, there is a link between the two.

In keeping with the trend of thinking out of the box, famous beer brand Heineken has come up with shoes filled with actual beer!

Named ‘Heinekicks’, the pair of sneakers is meant to give the user the feeling of “walking on beer”.

Heineken has collaborated with noted shoe designer Dominic Ciambrone, known as the ‘shoe surgeon’.

According to the company, the sneakers are designed to celebrate the smoothness of Heineken Silver. The colours green, red and silver echo the shades on the Heineken Silver bottles and each has a metal bottle opener too.

Netizens were intrigued and excited with the new design. Some expressed their bewilderment, while many wanted to own a pair, with some calling it ‘awesome’.

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