Bizarre Ceremony: Man Marries Two Women In Same Mandap!


Jagdalpur: A recent wedding in Chhattisgarh’s Jagdalpur has grabbed eyeballs and is making headlines.

It was actually a ‘double marriage’, with two women marrying the same man in a common ceremony.

According to ABP Live, both Hasina and Sudhari fell in love with a man called Chandu Maurya last year. After living together for several months, the three got married on January 3.

Chandu Maurya who works as a farmer, married two women at the same ‘mandap’. Now their marriage has become viral. The story started a year ago when, Chandu met Sudhari, they fell in love and decided to live together and exactly a month later, he brought Hasina home.

Sudhari said that she met Chandu, a farmer, while he had gone to her village for farm work. Hasina, on the other hand, was introduced to Chandu at a wedding they both attended.

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