BMC Dumps Garbage Back Into Litterbug’s Home In Odisha Capital

Bhubaneswar: Garbage is like karma, what you dish out is what you get back! A litterbug in the city learned it the hard way on Sunday when Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials threw garbage dumped in front of his under-construction building back into his house.


According to BMC sources, the owner of the under-construction building near Boitali temple in Bhubaneswar’s Old Town area had piled up a huge heap of waste materials on the road.

BMC officials, who were undertaking a cleanliness drive, came across the waste. Taking note of the dirtiness at the spot, BMC Commissioner Premchand Chaudhary directed the workers to throw the garbage back into the house. Later, an earthmover was also engaged to expedite the work.

“The house owner has been dumping construction materials on the road. We had been making announcements and directing him to not to dump the waste materials, but he was not paying heed. We seized the waste materials and will impose fine on him,” the commissioner said.

“At least 10 truckloads of construction materials have been seized in the Old Town area during the drive today (Sunday),” he added.

On his part, the house owner, Rabindranath Sahoo, defended his move. “I was carrying out construction work and just put the wastes near the drain. The officials suddenly came in the morning and threw the wastes back into my house without even informing me because I would have immediately cleaned the area had I been given a chance,” Sahoo said.

“If I were a political leader or an influential person, the officials would not have done this,” he added.

Notably, the BMC carried out the cleanliness drive in Old Town area under the ‘Mu Safaiwala’ programme to remove waste littered on roads.

Construction and demolition wastes lying on the roads were seized and fines were also imposed on the violators during the drive. Local residents also joined the cleanliness drive to clean their surroundings.

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