Car Hits & Drags Scooter From AG Square To Rabindra Mandap In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: In a near rerun of the Delhi hit-and-drag case, four persons were critically injured when a speeding car rammed into them from the wrong side of the road at AG Square on Wednesday morning.

According to sources, car rammed into a scooter, which a woman was riding, and dragged it for about 500 metres from AG Square to Rabindra Mandap. It also hit other two-wheelers midway. Four persons, including the scooty rider who was thrown off the two-wheeler, were injured in the incident. They have been admitted to Capital Hospital here. 

Following the series of accident, police chased and caught the driver while he was trying to fled leaving behind the vehicle in front of Rabindra Mandap.

It is suspected that he might have been driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The identity of the injured is yet to be ascertained.

“The driver is being interrogated. Stringent action will be taken against him as per traffic law,” said a police officer.

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