Car Submerged In Floodwater retrieved At Athagarh In Odisha


Athagarh: Locals who spotted a submerged car floating in floodwaters along Cuttack-Sambalpur road at Dahisera near Athagarh fished it out to safety on Wedenesday.

According to commuters, floodwater has inundated the Cuttack-Sambalpur road near Dahisera at Athagarh where water is flowing 4-ft above the road obstructing vehicular traffic.

Eye-witnesses said the car was swept away on Dahisera-Madhapur stretch of old Cuttack-Sambalpur road in the floods. The driver reportedly shoved the vehicle into the submerged road quite oblivious of the current and depth of water at the spot. The car submerged instantaneously. The driver and the occupants of the vehicle are reported to be safe.

Several areas of Athagarh have been submerged in the wake of rain for three consecutive days leading to disruption of normal life.

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