Caring For Elders, Helping Them Maintain A Healthy Disease-Free Body

In the midst of these trying times, it’s only apt that we should focus on how to care for the elders.

As one ages, there are marked changes in physical activities along with appearance. The elders require more nutrient based foods, vitamins, minerals and fibres. During youth and mid-40s, nutritious food helped in maintaining the body. As one ages, nutritious food is required for maintaining a healthy disease-free body.

Here are some tips which can help the elders, especially during lockdown:

Fibre Intake: As human beings age, the gastrointestinal function slows down. Fibre helps in smooth movement of bowels, rather than being troubled by constipation. Carrots, broccoli, bananas and other high-content fibrous food are recommended.

Vitamin B12-rich diets: With age, the acid content decreases in the stomach. The stomach acid acts as a catalyst for extracting B12 from the diet. Hence, they should be supplemented with foods which can boost Vitamin B12, particularly cereals, oats, porridge and complex carbohydrates.

A good dose of turmeric and cinnamon: These are common ingredients in every Indian kitchen. These two are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents. They also fight the free radicals, which helps in boosting immunity among elders. These can be added in beverages and spiced up to suit one’s taste.

More intakes of fluids: Elders should have at least 2.5 to 3 litres of fluid in a day. Fluids help in retaining adequate moisture level in the organs, cells and tissues. The intake should be through the day and not just when one is thirsty. Intake of fluid should be avoided after sunset as it might result in disturbed sleep due to urination.

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