Come Jan 1, Odisha’s Mo Sarkar Initiative Will Also Cover Civic Services

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Bhubaneswar: From January 1, 2020, “Mo Sarkar” will also encompass civic services provided by the subordinate offices under the Housing and Urban Development (H&UD).

This new governance model will be implemented in 360 subordinate offices – urban local bodies, public health and engineering offices and development authorities. 

H&UD Minister Pratap Jena said that a database of citizens  visiting all these offices to avail services will be created in a format prescibed by the IT department. It will then be utlised to seek feedback from the people.

The minister said that Mo Sarkar aims to serve people with dignity. To reach this end, the chief minister, senior officers of the department and he himself will dial random numbers to seek feedback from the people about their experiences in the office they have visited.

Mo Sarkar initiative is a feedback-based governance model that aims to improve the service delivery system. The department held an orientation programme for its officers to discuss  modalities of implementation of this initiative last week.




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