Corona Notes: On Missing School & Playdates 

I’m writing to you from Canada and as you know right now we are in the middle of a pandemic. I live in Calgary, Alberta, and things here are not great because right now they are not letting us go to school until next year. The good thing is they are reopening the golf course so that everyone who likes to play golf will get to go do something they enjoy.

As you know the entire world went for lockdown so quickly that it was like the blink of an eye. I was at my Mausi (aunt) and Mausa’s (uncle) house when we got news that the schools wouldn’t be reopening till next year. Coronavirus has had a big impact on us kids because we are forced to stay at home all day without activities that we loved to do after school or even before school. We are also not allowed to have playdates with our friends and even play with them at school because the schools are closed. All we can do is stay at home and go for walks.

My parent’s hair and mine are getting really long because we haven’t been able to go to the hair-dressers for long. I and my family are trying as best as we can to stay positive during these horrible times. In my school we are doing Zoom meetings to talk to our class and are learning day by day about new things we can do on Zoom. Our teachers are giving us work by sending it to us online. I and my friend Isla are staying connected through FaceTime. We hope things are better in India. And don’t forget to stay safe and healthy.


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