Culture & Enterprise Of Lanjia Saoras To Be Showcased Virtually At Odisha State Tribal Museum


Bhubaneswar: The enterprising and artistic Lanjia Saora tribal community will be showcased during the virtual tour of the State Tribal Museum from November 15 to 21.

Videos, organized by ST&SC Development Department during COVID-19, can be seen on their Facebook page and Twitter handles @stscdev, @scstrti.

The Saoras, a primitive tribal group of Odisha, are based in the southern districts of Bargarh, Gajapati, Raygada and Balangir, and specialize in the terrace and shifting cultivation, horticulture and forest collection.

Lanjia Saora is a section of the Saora tribe that got their name thanks to their distinct dressing pattern — a loin cloth hanging in front and tails (lanja).

Known for their innovative housing pattern in hilly slopes, the Lanjia Saoras install village guardian deities, represented by wooden posts, at the entrance of the village.

They engage in shifting cultivation and ingeniously prepare stone-bounded terrace fields with an inbuilt water management system for paddy cultivation. Their attractive wall paintings called idital are unique in nature.

Among their major festivals and rituals are Baruism, Buoy-n-a-Adur, Ganugey-n-a-Adur, Osa-n-a-Adur, Rago-na-Adur, Kondam-n-a-Adur.

All these, and more, will be on over the next six days on social media.


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