Cuttack Rupa Tarakasi Unique To Odisha Earns GI Tag

Cuttack: Cuttack Rupa Tarakasi (silver filigree), unique to Odisha, was on Saturday accorded GI tag by Chennai-based Geographical Indication Registry.

With this, the existing Odisha GI list has gone up to 26. 

The Odisha State Cooperative Handicrafts Corporation Ltd (UTKALIKA) has filed the application, seeking GI tag for the famed silver filigree of Cuttack, on July 1, 2021. The applicants had traced its origins to 13th century to show historical linkage of the art to the region.


‘Tarakasi’ or ‘Silver Filigree‘ is one of the most exquisite silver craft. In Odia, tara means wire and kasi is design. In this work of craft, silver bricks are transformed into thin fine wires or foils, from which jewellery, including those worn by Odissi dancers, or decorative artefacts used as accessories or home décor and as religious and cultural pieces are created.

Models of Jagannath temple, Konark temple and Mukteshwar arch in ‘Tarakasi’ are also created and exhibited abroad as miniature visuals of Odisha’s art and heritage.

During Durga Puja, artisans of Cuttack create medhas (tableau) with intricate filigree works and jewelleries for the Goddess.

Researcher and GI activist Anita Sabat, however, said Suna Tarakasi, which is also practised in Cuttack, should have been a part of the application too.

In January, seven products – Odisha Khajuri Guda, Dhenkanal Magji, Similipal Kai Chutney of Odisha, Nayagarh Kanteimundi Brinjal, Kapadaganda: Dungaria Kondh Embroidery Shawl, Koraput Kalajeera Rice, and Painting of Lanjia Saura (Idital)- had earned the GI tag.

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