Elon Musk Responds To #RIPTwitter Trend After ‘Mass Resignation’ By Employees

Bhubaneswar: Amid the layoffs and reported mass resignation, #RIPTwitter began to trend on Friday with users worried about the fate of the company with its offices temporarily closed till November 21 and employees having no access to the buildings.

Twitter employees also used the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWorked and the salute emoji as they tweeted about their resignations in protest of Elon Musk’s latest ultimatum to the staff of the beleaguered social media company to either agree to his “extremely hardcore” way of work or quit the company.

Musk responded to the trend with a meme featuring a tombstone with Twitter’s bird logo morphed on it. The Twitter CEO further said, “Best people are staying, I’m not super worried”.

Here are some Tweets shared on Twitter, lamenting the “death” of the social media platform:

Notably, thousands of company staff were shown exit doors, citing “loss in revenue” just a few weeks after Musk took over the company. In a poll on the workplace app Blind, which verifies employees through their work email addresses and allows them to share information anonymously, 42% of 180 people picked “Taking exit option, I’m free!” While only 7% “clicked yes to stay, I’m hardcore.”

According to Reuters, the version of the Twitter app used by employees began slowing down as blue hearts and salute emojis flooded Twitter and its internal chatrooms on Thursday evening. Reports of Twitter outages rose sharply from less than 50 to about 350, said Downdetector, the website which tracks website and app outages.

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