Fact Check: Can You Get Looted By Just Answering Unknown International Calls?


Have you received a WhatsApp message which tells you not to return phone calls to numbers with certain international area codes? It claims that by doing so, hackers can steal your contact info and draw money from your account.

However, this message is a hoax.

It’s quite an old message. The same numbers and similar message have been doing the rounds since 2012.

It lists a couple of international areas and says that the call comes with just one ring and hangs up. If one calls back, their credit card or details can be stolen. It also warns not to press *#90 or #09* if the caller asks, claiming that it is a way for them to access your SIM card.

Experts agree that it is very unusual to lose money by simply calling back a number.

It is, however, important to remember not to share any personal/banking details or OTP with any caller claiming to be a legitimate representative of an organization.

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