Fact Check: Did Doctors Kill Diego Maradona?

A lawyer for a nurse under investigation in the Diego Maradona death case said that doctors had killed him through negligence.

“They killed Diego,” attorney Rodolfo Baque said after his client, nurse Dahiana Gisela, was questioned by prosecutors.

The football legend died of a heart attack last November at the age of 60, weeks after brain surgery to remove a blood clot.

An investigation was ordered after two of Maradona’s five children complained against neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque.

A board of experts found that he had received inadequate care and was abandoned to his fate for a “prolonged, agonizing period.” The nurse is among seven people under investigation on charges of manslaughter.

The lawyer argued that it was the doctors who were treating Maradona during his recovery from surgery who were to blame for his death, not the nurse.

His contention was that even as Maradona was being treated for heart problem, he was on psychiatric medication that affected his heart rate.

The lawyer also stated that Maradona had fallen while he was in the hospital, and when the daytime nurse — nd one of the last persons to see him alive — suggested a CAT scan be done on him, one of the footballer’s aide refused.

“In the end, there were many warning signs that Maradona was going to die, give or take a day. And none of the doctors did anything to prevent it,” Baque said during a break in the interrogation of Madrid, which went on for more than eight hours.

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