Fact Check: Is NCERT Mixing Science With Mythology?

New Delhi: There have been some media reports which have suggested that the Union Education Ministry has been mixing science with mythology, vis-a-vis Chandrayaan-3 special modules developed by NCERT which are available on its website.

The Education ministry on Wednesday clarified the rationale behind its ‘proactive’ decision.

A press release stated that in the light of rapid advancements and notable milestones achieved at the national level, “it becomes imperative to equip our teachers and students with knowledge that transcends traditional textbooks.”

The endeavour aims to instil a profound sense of pride in our country and its accomplishments, stated the Education ministry.

“To achieve this, it is essential to extend our curricular materials beyond textbooks, presenting the nation’s achievements in a manner that is both accessible and captivating for our educational community,” the release said.

“One such monumental achievement is the successful landing of Bharat’s Chandrayaan-3 on the Moon on 23rd August 2023. Recognising the significance of acquainting the 26 crore students in our school education system with this remarkable space initiative of India, NCERT has taken a proactive step in this direction,” the ministry explained.

The initial theme – from among pedagogically-enriched curricular resources that NCERT has developed — chosen for development of special modules is Chandrayaan-3.

The “meticulously crafted” 10 special modules on Chandrayaan-3 offer a comprehensive overview of various facets of this mission encompassing scientific, technological, cultural, and social aspects.

The content includes graphics, photographs, illustrations, activities, challenging questions, and cater to students across stages of school education, spanning from grades 1 to 12.

The modules also feature stories, cases, quiz questions, and activities designed to motivate self-paced learning among students and encourage teachers to guide their students through the suggested pedagogy of experiential learning.

On the reference to mythology, the ministry said: “Mythology and philosophy put forward ideas and ideas lead to innovation and research. Numerous research studies emphasize that mythology plays an indispensable role in the cultural fabric of any country, including Bharat. Furthermore, the integration of culture into education not only fosters a profound understanding of a nation’s historical legacy but also bolsters creativity and problem-solving skills among students. It’s the whole gestalt of India’s association with sky and space.”

The modules, launched by Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan in the presence of ISRO Chairman, have been made available to students, teachers and parents with the aim of “fostering widespread appreciation and understanding of this historic event.”

NCERT seeks to not only promote scientific temper but also instil a sense of pride, inspiration, and an understanding of our country’s achievements among the educational community and the public at large, the ministry explained.

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