Fact Check: Is Rajasthan Running Out Of Vaccines?

New Delhi: Hours after the Rajasthan government said it would run out of vaccines in 3 days, the Union Health Ministry rubbished the claims.

Rajasthan Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma had told NDTV on Tuesday that the state is running out of vaccines and the Centre has not supplied enough.

The Union Health Ministry responded by saying: “Rajasthan has been supplied 37.61 lakh doses and has consumed only 24.28 lakh doses till yesterday night.”

PIB’s fact check Twitter handle has dismissed the report as wrong.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot claims the Union Health Ministry numbers are wrong. “The Union Health ministry has made the claim that Rajasthan received 37.61 lakh covid vaccine and till yesterday only 24.28 lakh vaccine was administered. This data is completely false. Till March 8 Rajasthan received 31,45,340 vaccine. Out of that 2,15,180 vaccine were made available to the Army. As per rule 29,30,160 vaccine were available for other people. 23,26,975 vaccine have been administered in the state till March 8. 1,62,888 vaccine was spoilt which was less than even the Central Government’s estimated limit of 10 per cent. In this manner till March 8, only 4,40,297 vaccine were available in the state on March 8,” he said.

Is the news fake?

It is unclear whether there is a shortage of vaccines in Rajasthan or not.

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