FASTag Mandatory For Return Journey Discounts At Toll Plazas

New Delhi: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Wednesday notified that FASTag was mandatory for availing return journey discount at Toll Fee Plazas.


Commuters need to have the FASTag to get the discounted rates on return journeys made within 24 hours.

Earlier, users could book a to-and-fro trip, which was cheaper than the single way. However, only single-way tickets are allowed for those using FASTags but if one returns within 24 hours, the return journey fee is automatically discounted.

Discounts will help promote the use of digital payments via pre-paid instruments, smart card or through FASTag or onboard unit (transponder).

The amendments:

i. A discount on the return journey within 24 hours can be availed through FASTag or such other device and it is automatic and a pass is not required.

ii. For discounts on all other cases, having a valid FASTag is necessary.

iii. There is no need for a prior receipt or intimation for discount, which is automatically applied if the return journey is made within 24 hours.


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