Five Christmas Classics To Watch With Your Mates!

Bhubaneswar: It is Christmas and the season of love, fun and get-togethers as well. While cakes, drinks and music make up for best parties, nothing can beat the joy of watching movies together. Here are all the Christmas classics you must watch with your friends if you have not. Besides, watching them again is no pain either.

Home Alone– A 1990 classic, Home Alone is every 90s child’s favourite. An eight-year-old takes it upon himself to protect his home from burglars while he is ‘Home Alone’. The little troublemaker is all you need to brighten up an already ‘Merry’ Christmas.

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It’s A Wonderful Life– The film opens on a 1946 Christmas Eve. This beautiful movie is about George, drowned in depression and suicidal thoughts due to a financial crunch. He is sent an angel to fix the problem by two celestial voices. Sounds like a perfect Santa gift!

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Elf– A 2003 classic, Elf is about Buddy, one of Santa’s elves, played by Will Ferrell. He travels from the North Pole to meet his father. One of the mega movies, this made six times its budget ($33 million) at the box office. The comedy-drama will cheer your party up.

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A Christmas Carol– Adapted from Charles Dickens’ legendary tale, this movie made in 1951, is about a nasty miser Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visited by ghosts of the Christmas past, present, and future. The movie is still popular, especially for having brought up the word ‘Scrooge’ for the greedy.

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Gremlins– This wonderful movie is about a teenager who is gifted exotic furry pets from Chinatown. However, he wreaks havoc in the city by breaking three important rules and unleashing monstrous pets. Though a horror, people identify with it as a comedy.

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