SAI International, Odisha: Focus On Promoting STEM Disciplines At 7th Edition Of SAITED Science Fest

Bhubaneswar: SAI International hosted the 7th edition of SAITED 2023, a K-12 Science and Technology fest, in which more than 7000 students from 60 schools with more than 120 projects across the state participate. The theme for this year’s fest was “Evolving Perspectives: Navigating the Unseen Paradigm,” emphasising the ever-changing nature of science and technology.

Managed by the students of Class XI from the science stream, SAITED 2023 featured a diverse range of activities, including a Tech Fair, Startup Park, Workshops, Student sessions, TED talks, STEM Thought Leadership Talks, Games, eGames, Science events, Theme Park, and more. The fest provided a platform for students from Class VI to XII to showcase their projects and ideas, encouraging them to adapt to new perspectives and paradigms in the realms of scientific and technological advancements.

Dr Athithan Gopalaswamy, Former, DG DRDO DG – Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) was the chief guest.

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group addressed the students.

The core of the fest is to promote STEM disciplines among school students. It aims to educate students and guide them to become future innovators and contributors in their chosen fields. Erfan Firouzi, a TedX Speaker and Environmentalist, delivered a STEM Thought Leadership Talk.

There was an array of dynamic workshops such as, “Techutionalising the Urban Mobility Space,” “Cosmoquest: Journeying through Space, Science & Robotics,” “Cosmetolab: Exploring Science Beneath Beauty,” “Roboforge: New realms,” “Greengen Innovate: Cultivating sustainability,” and “Dronetech Mavericks: Skyward Adventures.”

Several startups also took part in SAITED 2023.


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