Forget COVID-19: A Simple Drug Used For Asthmatics Is The Cure, Says This Doctor

Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and Iceland are using it and so should the rest of the world. Dr. Richard Bartlett, a Dallas MD, who has been practicing in Texas for 28 years, says the breakthrough is a lifesaving inexpensive generic drug used to help asthmatics for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, the US and many other governments are using the WHO’s blind acceptance of the failed China strategy, the doctor was quoted as saying in NewsBlaze.

The drug could contain the death rate in every country if health professionals changed course immediately, the doctor claimed adding, that a small number of doctors are already doing this with their patients and are seeing immediate success.

According to Dr. Bartlett, whether the drug works on every single patient remains to be seen, in countries where it has been used, there is enough evidence to prove that it has shown results – Taiwan (24 million people, 7 deaths), Japan (126 million, 977 deaths), Singapore (5.6 million, 26 deaths) Iceland (341,000 population, 10 deaths).

How does the drug work?

Dr. Bartlett as saying that he is giving his COVID-19 patients an inhaled steroid, a standard asthma treatment. For the best effect, this generic medicine is administered through a nebuliser machine, not an inhaler.

He has been using the drug since March and 100% of his patients are alive, he claimed.

Why this drug?

COVID is a respiratory inflammatory disease so an effective medicine must address respiratory inflammation, said the doctor.

Here is how Dr. Bartlett administers it

First, he administers an inhaled asthma medication through a nebuliser, which takes about 5 minutes. In addition, he gives an antibiotic to protect from secondary infection of pneumonia, and also zinc, which fights against virus multiplication.

“Patients tell me they feel better during the first treatment. Their chest pain goes away. Their shortness of breath goes away. Then their fever breaks,” said the doctor.

“This very safe medicine has been used on millions of people, including premature babies and also fragile people in nursing homes, for more than 20 years. It has no cardiac risk,” he added.

This protocol may not work in every case, but the halting of new deaths in Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore shows that it is thousands of times better than what is happening in the U.S. and most other countries today. The key is early action,” the doctor was quoted as saying by NewsBlaze.

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