Germany Celebrates Legalisation Of Cannabis As Deutsche Bahn Declares Ban At Railway Stations Soon

Berlin: About 4,000 people recently gathered at Germany capital Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to celebrate the legalisation of cannabis in the country.


Concert performances and speeches by activists were the main features of the celebrations on Saturday, April 20, marked the world over as marijuana culture’s high holiday, 4/20.

The crowd held posters reading, “Not everyone wants to drink,” German media reported.

The country earlier this month made it legal for adults to carry up to 25 grams of cannabis and grow up to three marijuana plants at home. However, to protect children, smoking is still banned in schools and playgrounds.

On the other hand, German railway operator Deutsche Bahn told media on Saturday that railway stations would soon ban smoking.

“We want to protect our passengers, especially children and young people, at our train stations. That’s why we will place a general ban on the consumption of cannabis in our train stations. We are adjusting our regulations to that effect as soon as possible,” a railway spokeswoman told German media.

Currently, railway stations have designated cigar and cigarette smoking zones.

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