HC Asks Sambalpur University To Pay Rs 5 Lakh For ‘Wrongly Failing’ Student 12 Yrs Ago

Cuttack: The Orissa High Court has asked the Sambalpur University to pay Rs 5 lakh compensation to a private student, who was wrongly failed in Bachelor in Commerce (BCom) course 12 years ago.

While emphasising universities’ responsibility in exam processes, the single judge bench of Justice SK Panigrahi said: “Universities hold a significant responsibility towards their students, particularly in the efficient administration of exams and the timely publication of results. These processes are fundamental to the academic journey of students and any lapse can have serious implications on their academic progress, career prospects and overall well-being.”

“If universities fail in these responsibilities, it can be argued that they should provide compensation to the affected students. This could be in the form of financial compensation, course credits, or other measures that acknowledge and rectify the inconvenience caused. Such a provision not only serves as a remedial measure but also underscores the accountability of educational institutions.”

The court made these observations after the varsity confirmed that Bibhuti Bhusan Barik had passed the BCom course. While he had appeared for the exam through Panchayat College, Bargarh examination centre, in 1999, his result was withheld due to non-clearance of the first examination. However, he was declared to have successfully completed and passed the course on May 17, 2012. Barik moved the HC in 2015, seeking compensation from Sambalpur University for loss of valuable years of his life.

Accordingly, Justice Panigrahi ordered: “Given the entirety of the situation and the fact that the petitioner has endured significant hardship and lost 10 years of his professional life, a loss that cannot be compensated in any other way, this court orders the Sambalpur University to pay the petitioner a sum of Rs 5 lakh as compensation.”

“However, it is important to note that while compensation can provide some relief, it does not absolve universities of their responsibilities. Universities must strive to prevent such lapses in the first place through robust systems, regular audits and a commitment to student welfare,” he added.



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