Hindu Temple Existed Before Gyanvapi Mosque Was Built: ASI Report

Varanasi: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) report on the Gyanvapi mosque controversy says that there was a Hindu temple which was destroyed and the existing structure then came up.

Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, representing the Hindu side, told mediapersons that they have received the ASI report.

“There was a pre-existing structure, which was a temple, before Gyanvapi mosque came up,” Jain said quoting the report.

“A well was found next to the corridor… Central chamber and the main entrance have a pre-existing structure,” said Jain.

He added that the ASI in its survey “studied the pillars and plasters and said all were part of the temple.”

The ASI said that “inscriptions of Hindu temple were found which are in Devnagri, Granth, Telugu and Kannada. Names of deities Janaradana, Rudra and Umeshwara are found in inscriptions… Terms such as Maha Mukti Mandap are mentioned in inscription which is of great significance.”

The temple was apparently demolished in 17th century, and parts of it were used to set up the existing structure, which is the mosque.

“ASI, in its conclusive finding, said there existed a large Hindu Temple prior to the construction of the existing structure,” Jain said.

The Varanasi district judge said a day earlier that the report would not be made public and soft copies won’t be given to avoid distorted versions making it to social media.

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