Hope Amid Gloom: 104-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Beats COVID Reinfection

Amid all the gloom surrounding the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, here’s a comforting news which is sure to warm your heart.

A 104-year-old woman recovered from the deadly coronavirus infection not once, but twice!

Carmen Hernandez of Colombia was diagnosed with coronavirus for the first time in June last year, and recovered after being treated at a private nursing home.

She was vaccinated against COVID two months ago, but got reinfected by the virus in March. This time, she had to be admitted to the ICU.

But the centenarian’s mental strength and will power helped her see through this latest crisis, too. As she was wheeled out of the hospital after being under treatment for 21 days, doctors, nursing staff, other officials and fellow patients applauded her.

A few years ago, Carmen battled an aggressive form of skin cancer and got cured.

“Because of her advanced age, she gives all of us hope. This woman managed to come out fully recovered even after coronavirus reinfection,” director of the hospital Yamit Noé Hurtado said.

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