How And Why Has TikTok Fallen From Grace In India?

From 4.6 stars to 2. That’s quite a fall for TikTok. 

Its current ratings on Google Play store indicate its fall from grace in the virtual world in India. How did that happen?

A veritable spat has been going on in this world between TikTok and YouTube ever since popular TikTok user Amir Siddiqui ridiculed YouTube favourite CarryMinati.

In other words, he ‘roasted’ the YouTuber and dared him to ‘roast’ him back.  Of course, neither CarryMinati nor his fans or subscribers took to this kindly. So on May 8, he too posted a video “roasting” Amir making fun of his grammar.

The video was liked by many of his 17 million followers. Not to be defeated,  Amir reported against the video and accused CarryMinati of harassment and cyberbullying. As a result, YouTube removed the video on May 14. Minati got support from fellow YouTubers Ashish Chanchalani, Bhuvan Bam, and even actor Himansh Kohli.

Amir Siddiqui posted a video yet again. This time, he claimed his video was not against the entire YouTube community but against people who belittle others on the platform. He also said how he did not approve cyberbullying and urged Minati to influence his fans against it.

Minati responded again with a video, this time shedding a few tears, which enraged his fans who decided to take revenge on TikTok by ‘frying’ it.

TikTok’s ratings dropped with many people giving it one star. Most of them are also using a template for feedback. One of them says, “Dear TikTok team. I love this app but I have some problems using the app as I am very active in it but I don’t get more than 100 views and 20 like only on my video. Even posting the problem with the TikTok team in the app. But my problem is not solved.” 


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