How Can You Use Your Old TV For A Good Cause? Read Here

Guwahati: We often sell off our old TV set for a pittance when we purchase a new one. But an animal lover in Assam’s Sivasagar town thinks ‘the box’ can be put to better use. He has set an example by turning old TV boxes into makeshift kennels for stray dogs to save them from the cold.

“The pets enjoy all comforts but the stray dogs suffer from lack of food and shelter. I thought I should do something for them in whatever little way possible. This led to the creation of the shelters,” Abhijit Dowarah, told The New Indian Express (TNIE).

The 32-year-old fell in love with dogs after his brother had brought home a puppy a few years ago. Before creating ‘Baator Ghor’ (street home for the dogs), he ventured out several nights to see how they live.  Soon, other animal lovers joined him in the venture, TNIE reported.

Before this, Dowarah had created a torch for the safety of women and a ‘gadget’ for hand sanitisation during the pandemic. 

“Over the past five years, I have created some 50 utility items from scrap. So, people don’t throw away old and unused stuff but give them to me. There were seven old TV sets lying at my two-room residence in Sivasagar’s Phukan Nagar. I thought if I can turn these into the stray dogs’ shelters, they can beat the winter chill,” Dowarah told TNIE.

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