If Only You Can Let Go Your Ego…

Ever heard: “I don’t have an ego.”

That’s bullshit!

If you’re human, you have an ego. It’s like the latent virus inside you that manifests when immunity falls below a certain threshold.

Ego is fine as long as you contain it within. Don’t let it surface unless it helps you.

Ego isn’t inherently negative.

As Sunil Chhetri aptly put it, “Ego is only fine when it is working for your motivation.”

However, in most scenarios, ego acts more as a stumbling block than a stepping stone. We know we can win if we overcome it; it is in our control to do so. But we still don’t.

How often do we find our ego dictating our actions and reactions?

It’s a common human experience, manifesting in various facets of life – professional, personal, and even in casual interactions. We’ve all encountered moments where our ego hindered our progress. Recognising this invisible barrier is the first step towards overcoming it.

Almost no one is out of its reach. It is a daily phenomenon that affects us all — even the mighty fall for it. We get trapped in the I-am-right syndrome.

Mike Maples Jr. hit the nail when he said, “Ego is about who’s right. Truth is about what’s right.”
This simple statement encapsulates the daily struggles we face due to ego. In my interactions with direct reports, I strive to help them navigate past their egos. It’s a delicate process, especially when dealing with those who might not welcome unsolicited advice.

The Self-Driven Journey of Ego Management

Overcoming ego is a personal journey. It’s a challenging path that requires introspection and self-awareness. This journey can’t be outsourced or carried by someone else. It’s a solo expedition towards personal growth.

Through my observations, I’ve seen even the best succumb to the clutches of their egos, leading to misery and stagnation. This has been a persistent human condition throughout centuries and will likely continue. Where there is a mind, there is an ego.

For those deeply entrenched in the “I, Me, Myself” mindset, shedding ego can be incredibly challenging. It’s firmly rooted in their psyche, making the process of letting go arduous yet immensely rewarding.

Shannon L. Alder beautifully encapsulates this journey:

“When you lose your ego, you win. It really is that simple.”

The process of overcoming ego can accelerate your growth at an unimaginable pace. Doors will open faster than you think.

If You Can, You Win

As we navigate through our daily lives, let’s strive to be conscious of our ego’s influence. By recognising and working to diminish its impact, we open ourselves to a world of growth, understanding, and enriched relationships. It’s about embracing humility over arrogance, understanding over obstinacy, and truth over self-righteousness.

Overcoming ego isn’t just about self-improvement; it’s about creating a more harmonious and empathetic world.

As you move forward, challenge yourself to look beyond the confines of your ego. Let go of the need to always be right, to always be at the forefront. In doing so, you’ll find that life’s journey becomes more fulfilling and less encumbered.

Try it – the journey beyond ego is a flight to fulfilment. To borrow an airline’s tagline, “Everyone can fly.” But only if you leave your ego behind.

Can you?

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