India Records Over 9,000 Corona-Themed Cyber Attacks Between Feb & May: Microsoft

New Delhi: The country has witnessed around 9,100 coronavirus-based cyber attacks between February 2 and May 2, encouraging people to download attachments containing malware to get access to their sensitive data, according to Microsoft.

Since the companies have increased dependence on technology to focus on work amid the crisis, the cyber crooks have also doubled their phishing efforts to rob money online.

In Asia, over 19 million cyber attacks have been noted so far.

“India was actually one of the lower countries among those that we track. So, India had some pretty good controls in place,” Microsoft Corp Vice President (Cybersecurity Solutions Group) Ann Johnson told the media. “Some of these attacks will claim things like if the person clicks on the given link, they will be the first of 1,000 people to get the newest coronavirus vaccine,” she added.

Healthcare organizations, state and local governments, and companies with critical infrastructure are most vulnerable to these attacks.

Moreover, the employees need to be given cyber training to deal with such cases, so that they can timely tackle the issue and control the damage, Johnson added.

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