Indian Student Killed In Ukraine: BJP MLA Stirs Row With ‘Body Takes Up More Space In Flight’ Comment

Bengaluru: Karnataka BJP MLA Arvind Bellad has stirred a controversy with his remarks over when the body of Naveen Shekharappa Gyanagowda, killed in Ukraine, will be brought back to India.

“There is definitely an effort by the government… There is a war in Ukraine. Amid that, an effort will be made and if possible the body returned. Bringing those who are alive is difficult, so bringing a body back would be even more difficult. More space is needed to bring a body on a flight. In the place required for a body, eight persons can be accommodated and brought back,” Bellad said on Thursday.

Naveen was a fourth-year medical student at Kharkiv National Medical University. He was killed on Tuesday when he had stepped out and went to a nearby supermarket to buy groceries.

Bellad’s comment came amid appeals by the 21-year-old’s family to bring Naveen’s mortal remains.



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