India’s COVID-19 Cases To Reach 5 Lakh In October, Say Experts



New Delhi: COVID-19 cases in the country will increase sharply peaking between June 21 and 28 with the number of patients rising to 7,000-7,500 on daily basis. The downward trend will begin from July, said a team of experts.

The experts made the observation after a study based on a mathematical model approved by the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB).

Stating that the total number of infected persons will touch five lakh in the first week of October. they said attributing its cause to large number of asymptomatic persons roaming around with each having the potential to transmit the infection to two-three persons.

They were of the opinion that the nationwide lockdown should continue to prevent person-to-person transmission of coronavirus as no specific drug and vaccine has been found yet.

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