‘Killer’ Tusker Attacks Another Woman On Bhubaneswar Outskirts


Bhubaneswar: The ‘killer’ tusker, which has been on the rampage since Saturday, attacked a woman near Patrapada Medicinal Plant Garden, on the outskirts of the Odisha capital, in the early hours of Monday.

The incident took place while she was plucking flowers around 5.30 am. The critically-injured woman has been admitted to the AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

The tusker had sneaked into Delang area of Puri on Saturday night, spreading panic in the villages bordering Puri and Khurda forest division. It trampled four persons to death and injured five others, the following day.

According to Forest department sources, the elephant stayed put at the garden while heading for Chandaka from Pipili on Sunday night.

Some locals spotted the tusker and informed the forest personnel about its presence in the area, which has now been cordoned off. Efforts will be made to drive the tusker away from the town area in the evening, the sources added.

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Around 70 forest officials from Delang, Khurda, Tangi, Balipatna and Gop have been engaged in the operation and locals advised to remain indoors.

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