Lizz Truss Resignation Sparks Meme Fest: ‘A Lettuce Lasts Longer’

New Delhi:  UK Prime Minister Liz Truss on Thursday became the shortest-serving PM in the country’s history when announced her resignation just six weeks after taking office.

Truss’s political career wilted quicker than a lettuce, a tabloid stunt found out.

British tabloid The Daily Star launched a livestream last week of a head of lettuce with the aim of testing whether Truss would outlast the 10-day shelf life of lettuce as the prime minister of Britain. She did not.


The lettuce “has so far refused to comment on its political future”, the tabloid added. The Daily Star’s Friday morning frontpage reads the headline “Lettuce Rejoice”, accompanying an image of the lettuce wearing a wig, with a glass of champagne next to it.

Truss’s sudden resignation also sparked a meme fest on social media.

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