Lockdown Routines: An Opportunity For Swastik To Reassess Priorities And Habits

In Our Special Series, Actor-Producer Tells OB That These Trying Times Should Serve As A Lesson For Humanity In Days To Come

For Swastik Choudhury, the lockdown is an opportunity to reassess his priorities and habits.

Acknowledging that this forced lockdown is for the good of humanity, as it battles the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the actor-producer says a lot of self-discipline is needed to sleep well, work out for some time and be focussed on the work at hand.

“I am sure some people would have realized during this time about the futility of wardrobes, expensive material belongings and frivolous engagements. All that matters in the end are health and knowledge,” he observes, hoping that people take a lesson and remember these trying times in the days to come.

The lockdown has helped Swastik realize some other “interesting facets” about life.

“I have realized that there are many things that we can execute from home, with the aid of modern-day technology and thereby avoid several harmful expenditures which will let the earth breathe easy,” says Swastik, who along with his friend Amartya Bhattacharyya, has made films which have been screened at several festivals.

“I am exploring and working out on new avenues with respect to my ongoing films and activities related to it through video calls and teleconferences,” informs Sawatik.

He keeps keep aside a couple of hours in the day to read books, watch acclaimed films and learn more about the great filmmakers of the world. “Along with it, I am continuing to write — poetry, blogs, snippets of my thoughts and figments from my imagination,” says Swastik.

He also appreciates the fact that the current situation has given him more space to spend time with family.

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