Lockdown Routines: Odia Master Chef Abinas Making Memories With Grandmom

In Our Special Series, Winner Of All-India Competition Tells OB It's A Good Time To Be Creative And Try Out New Recipes

The prolonged nationwide lockdown, necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has presented many with new opportunities.

For Odia boy Abinas Nayak, who recently clinched the MasterChef India title, the lockdown has come as a blessing as he has been able to spend time with his family.

“I have been out of home since I was in class 7 and thereafter I’ve been working. This is the best time to be with the family and focus on them,” says Abinas.

He is very attached to the family, especially his grandmother. Abinas considers himself lucky to have got so much time to make memories with his grandmother.


Abinas is using the spare time to go down memory lane. “I think the best thing to have happened during lockdown is that we can connect with ourselves and our loved ones. I spend a good amount of time talking to my fOdia cuisineamily and friends, revisiting memories and events… Of course, most of them are food-related stories,” he reveals.

On the work front, he is trying to cope the best that he can in these trying circumstances. He has been working in the online mode, having recently published an ebook named ‘Masala by Abinas’.

He is also researching about different cuisines, food history and different other culinary aspects. He is also a keen listener, and is all ears to elders from whom he picks up traditional recipes of the family.

He advised everyone in this profession to be creative and try new recipes. His suggestions include fish ball and yoghurt sauce, while his personal favourite is ‘Dahi Macha’.

He is greatly admired for bringing out the hidden treasures of Odia cuisine in front of a national audience.

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