Looking For Gifting Options On Rakhi? Try These

Giving gifts on festivals is not as simple as it used to be at one time, say, even 20 years back. Since Raksha Bandhan is heralding the festival season on August 3, we’ll talk about how the gifting pattern in the festival has changed over the past few years.

All it took for the sister was to prepare thali with a tilak and a diya with some sweets for dear brother and buy a rakhi which could be as cheap as 50 paise or as expensive as Rs 5.

Ceremony over, the brother would dutifully place a lifafa (envelope) in the thali, which he had kept ready in his kurta pocket. It would contain Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 or a princely sum of Rs 101, depending on how loaded the brother is. A Rs 500 bill was unheard of.

There was no practice of the sister bringing gifts for the brother. It was not the done thing. In other words, it was considered inappropriate.

With gender equality being the mantra now, the trend has changed and sisters go loaded with gifts for dear brother. Always quick to cash in, the market forces come up with innovative marketing strategies every year to rake in the moolah.

So, sisters, go with the following gift ideas to mark a lovely day of siblinghood this Raksha Bandhan. Sisters even send rakhi gifts online to those brothers who are unable to attend the celebration.

Book Hampers

Anything you choose for your brother should be according to his likes and dislikes. If your brother spends his free time in reading books, then you can buy a hamper of books on this Raksha Bandhan. Grab the novels, magazines of his choice to give him some joyous moments of the day. You can also find his favourite books at online stores. There you will get a nice collection of mysteries, fiction and inspirational books, etc. to make your brother feel loved. Try to dedicate the right book depending on the age and taste of your brother.

Fresh Flowers

Nothing can beat the power of fresh blooms to express your sentiments for your brother. You can make an attractive floral arrangement to delight him this Rakhi Bandhan. Arrange all the flowers of his choice like roses, carnations, orchids, and gerberas, etc. You can also personalise the floral arrangement with his photos and greetings.

Best Brother Memento

Want to express something in words? Buy a souvenir engraved with

“World’s Best Brother.” You can also personalise it with his name to take his joy to the next level. Write a speech to highlight his characteristics to display in front of family members. It will be a perfect gift to enchant him on this most awaited day of siblinghood. You are bound to make him happy.

Essential Accessories

The gift you choose for your brother should able to fulfil his requirements. It may be a hamper of accessories that he needs regularly. You can add some necessary items like a belt, a wallet, shades and cufflinks, etc. Make sure to keep his brand and colour preference in mind to make him doubly happy. You could also buy bracelet rakhi.

Indoor Plants

Be in sync with the times and gift him a potted plant. You could go in for a bonsai or a nice money plant in a fancy planter. Customised vases are also available these days, so think of that option too.

He can nurture the plants just like the sister-brother relationship!

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