‘Mu’ Variant Of Coronavirus Now In 40 Countries; No Case In India Yet

The Mu variant of the coronavirus has now been detected in 40 nations across the world.

Finland is the latest country to report this COVID-19 variant, which was classified as a ‘variant of interest’ by World Health Organization (WHO) last month.

“All variants that can evade protection conferred by a previous infection or vaccine-provided immunity are potentially worrying, or ones that we have to monitor. That’s the case with the Mu variant as well,” a report quoted Finnish virology professor Ilkka Julkunen as saying.

WHO’s bulletin published earlier this month informs that Mu has caused larger outbreaks in South America and Europe. Mu represents 39% of variants sequenced in Colombia and 13% in Ecuador, WHO reported.

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Fortunately, no MU variant case has been detected in India so far.

Indian Council of Medical Research Director General Dr Balram Bhargav said recently that the government is closely monitoring the new coronavirus variant.

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