Nilekani Uses 3 Devices For Work: Laptop (To Create), iPad (To Curate), Phone (To Communicate); Check If He Uses Social Media

New Delhi: Nandan Nilekani, co-founder and non-executive chairman of Infosys, does not use social media and the devices he uses, each are meant for a specific purpose.

“If you have one device and some 10 apps open and they are all sending you notifications all the time, then that is a recipe for not being able to focus… When we keep shifting from writing an email to seeing some notification, headline or forward, you are all over the place. The brain can’t deal with it. And each time you switch, you must again reposition your mind and that is very expensive to do,” Nilekani said, while participating at an event of The Indian Express.

“Actually, I don’t use social media,” he added.

He listed three devices he uses for work. “In the create mode to work and be focused without any distractions, I use a laptop with good lighting. For the curate mode to read or watch or just browse, I use an iPad; and for the communicate mode to talk to people through various channels, I use the phone.”

He said he uses Twitter only to broadcast, not for any discussion.

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