Nitish Kumar Will Be The Next Chief Minister Of Bihar, Says Amit Shah


New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday asserted that Nitish Kumar will be the next Bihar chief minister, post the state assembly elections, reported CNN News 18.

Responding to queries whether BJP will stake a claim for chief minister’s position, Shah clarified that even if BJP gets more seats, Nitish Kumar will be made the CM of Bihar. “There is no if or but. Nitish Kumar will be the next chief minister of Bihar. We have made a public announcement and we are committed to it,” said Shah in an exclusive interview to CNN News 18.

Adding that the NDA will get a two-thirds majority in the polls, Shah also said that the people of Bihar will get a “double engine” government – one at Bihar headed by Nitish Kumar, and another at centre headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Regarding BJP’s stance on LJP’s recent exit from the alliance, Shah said that “Only Chirag can answer why he is not fighting with us.” Citing Chirag’s statements to have strained the alliance, Shah added that BJP offered LJP adequate seats, but they “couldn’t come to a consensus,” and had to part ways.

“It was their (LJP) decision, not ours,” he said.

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