No Decorations Allowed Inside Car

Kochi: The Kerala government has banned any kind of decoration inside cars citing safety reasons.

Anything that obstructs the view of the driver will not be allowed in the state.

Decorations like garlands, artefacts, etc that are hung on the rearview mirror and even dolls, cushions, etc on the rear parcel tray have been made illegal.

It was pointed out that such things can be dangerous when a vehicle meets an accident as these can fly as projectiles and hit a person.

It is recommended to keep things tightly secured to avoid projectiles that can lead to injury. Even things like phones and wallets should be kept inside the glove box or a compartment.

The same is true for luggage as well. It is always recommended to keep the luggage inside the boot and not on the seats. Luggage in front seats can activate the airbag in case of a crash.

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