No Mandatory Quarantine For These Travellers In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government on Sunday partially modified the existing quarantine policy and exempted government officials, professionals, businessmen and others, visiting Odisha on work and leaving the state in 72 hours, from mandatory quarantine.

It is also applicable for those travelling outside the state and returning within 72 hours and any returnee, who has already undergone prescribed quarantine.

In urban area, the home quarantine period has been reduced from 21 days to 14 days. If a returnee does not have proper quarantine facility at home, he/she will undergo institutional or paid quarantine for the same duration as directed by the local authorities, an order issued by the office of Special relief Commissioner said.

Similarly, the returnees in rural area will now undergo 7 days of mandatory institutional quarantine. After spending a week at quarantine centre, asymptomatic returnees will be discharged and they will have to stay in home quarantine for another 7 days, an SRC order said.


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  1. AD says

    This is bad idea. On what basis the quarentine period is reduced when we are already seeing 21days asymptomatic patients? After 7days quarentine they will mingle with family and friends and this will again spread the virus which is now contained after so much efforts. Even rarely any house in odisha will have complete home qaurentine facilities because they will be using same bathroom toilets and same utensils if they have a separate room to sleep only.

  2. Sonu Samsher says

    What if i have completed 11 days at quarantine centre and got negative reports and with a letter to follow the next 17 days mandotary home quarantine do i need to follow the 17 days home Quarantine or follow the rest 3 days at home and be free after that

  3. Trilochanpatro says


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