Noble Deeds: Cuttack’s Simran Helps 8 Needy Girls Get Married During Lockdown

Bhubaneswar: The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all sections of the society, with millions of people losing their livelihood.

Like many, Zarin Mustaque from Cuttack’s Tulasipur area, fondly known as Simran, has come forward to help needy people.

Eight poor girls will be eternally grateful to her as she got them married by providing all necessary items needed in weddings.

“When I got a call for helping in the marriage of any girl, I first went to her house to see the family’s condition. I would then discuss about their needs, make a list and provide them those items,” said Simran, adding that he prefers to give them marriage-related items rather than money.

“In one marriage, I also gave a gold ring to a girl with the help of my sister, and other things,” said Simran.

“I consider myself lucky to help these girls get married,” she observed.

Thanking her family for the support, Simran said: “I am blessed to have a beautiful family and cooperative husband. They have helped me several times.”

A staff nurse in a private hospital by profession, the 34-year-old Simran also provided food to people in distress during lockdown since last year.

She has given handicapped people who have no homes food and clothes.

“I used my savings for this purpose. Now my husband Sk Riyasat, family members and relatives are also helping me,” informed Simran.

“People are suffering a lot during the pandemic. Due to lockdown, many people have faced huge losses in their business. Small roadside vendors are not able to arrange for their daily food. I couldn’t see their pain and started helping them to the best of my capability,” said Simran.

Doing such noble work is nothing new for Simran.

“When I was in Class IX, I had gone to SCB Medical College and Hospital with my mother and saw an old man crying as he could not arrange Rs 1,600 for medicine. I took the prescription from him and asked for help from people in the SCB campus. I managed to arrange Rs 1,800… Since then, I have been trying to help needy people,” Simran recalled.

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