Odisha: 15 Trains Cancelled For Modernisation Work

Bhubaneswar: Trains, including a few originating from Odisha, have been cancelled till August 6 due to the modernisation-related work between Belsonda-Lakholi-Arang Mahanadi railway stations in Titilagarh-Raipur railway section, said East Coast Railway (ECoR).


02857 Visakhapatnam-LTT Special from Visakhapatnam on August 1

02858 LTT-Visakhapatnam Special from LTT on August 3

02827 Puri-Surat Special from Puri on August 1

02828 Surat-Puri Special from Surat on August 3

07481 Tirupati-Bilaspur Special from Tirupati on  July 20 and August 1

07482 Bilaspur-Tirupati Special from Bilaspur on July 31 and August 3

09494 Puri-Gandhidham Special from Puri on August 2

09493 Gandhidham-Puri from Gandhidham on July 30 & August 6

02145 LTT-Puri Special from LTT on August 1

02146 Puri-LTT Special from Puri on August 3

08528 Visakhapatnam-Raipur Special from Visakhapatnam from July 25 to August 5

08527 Raipur-Visakhapatnam Special from Raipur on July 26 to August 6

This apart, few train services have been cancelled due to safety-related modernization work at Rayagada railway station for commissioning of electronic interlocking in connection with 3rd linework between Titilagarh-Vizianagaram railway section.

07243/07244 Guntur-Rayagada-Guntur Special from Guntur on August 3 and 4and from Rayagada on August 4 and 5

08107/08108 Rourkela-Jagadalpur-Rourkela Special from Rourkela on August 3 and 4 and from Jagadalpur on August 4 and 5.

08301/08302 Sambalpur-Rayagada-Sambalpur Special from both the directions on August 4 and 5


Visakhapatnam-Nizamuddin Special from Visakhapatnam on July 27 and 29 and on August 5 rescheduled by 3 hours.

Visakhapatnam-Bhagat-Ki-Kothi Special from Visakhapatnam on August 5 be rescheduled by 7 hours.


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