Odisha Govt’s Dos and Don’ts After Recovery From COVID-19

Bhubaneswar: In order to allay the fears of the patients, who have recovered from COVID-19, regarding various activities in daily life, the state government has come up with solution of some issues.

Answering the questions asked by the patients through its regular televised programme, Dr Jayant Panda said even after recovery, they need to be careful and follow ‘social vaccine’ including use of masks, frequent hand washing and maintaining social distancing.

Following are the highlights of the practices advised for such patients to adopt:

Food: In order to overcome weakness, they should take protein-rich diet and avoid carbohydrates. Besides, vitamins should be included.

Work: One can resume work after 10 days of treatment and seven days of self-quarantine, if he has no or mild symptoms. If symptoms like cold, cough or headache, diarrhoea or weakness persists, he should take rest for one more week.

AYUSH Treatment: Since coronavirus usually affects respiratory system, practice of Yoga and Prananayam can give immense benefits.

Steam Inhalation: If a person undertakes regular steam inhalation, it will help clear nasal passage. It is highly recommended after recovery.

Dr Panda said many people complain of choked nose, cold, cough, headache and breathlessness even after recovering from COVID-19. They should take Antihistamines, make breathing exercise and use inhalers.

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