Odisha: ‘Pratha’ Producer Accuses Manoj Mishra Of Obstructing Film Screening, Actor Hits Back

Bhubaneswar: Actor Manoj Mishra has again found himself in a controversy with Sanlisa Patel, a young woman film producer, lodging a police complaint against him for allegedly creating trouble during screening of her movie ‘Pratha’ in Odisha’s Jharsuguda district.

Speaking to the media, Sanlisa said that her film was opposed by a section of people in the western district town while her family members were watching a show. The agitators, carrying banner of Jharsuguda Koshal Sena, torn the posters of the film while calling for its boycott. They also hurled abused and discouraged people from seeing the cinema, which was released across Odisha on November 3. “The film was removed from BookMyShow and instead it showed the option for booking tickets for Manoj Mishra’s ‘Mindgame’,” she alleged.

She further said that he got a lukewarm response on her complaint from the producers’ association in the state. “Jharsuguda SP assured to provide police protection for smooth screening of the film for which I am grateful to him,” she said.

The producer said that she has sought the arrest of Manoj Mishra and his supporters. “I want justice for my movie,” she added while stressing that she is a daughter of Jharsuguda and daughter-in-law of Sambalpur.

Responding to her allegation, Manoj Mishra, in a video message, tried to explain the need for streamlining the distribution system in the state and clarified that her movie was not pulled down for ‘Mindgame’. “You had called me two days back expressing concern over the release of your movie and how you have not been informed about the halls and the timings. How am I responsible if some people raise slogan in my name? Your allegations has come as a shock to me. I support all movies being made in Odisha,” he added.

Later speaking to the media, the actor said that people are upset with the behaviour meted out to me.


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